2011: on air, madebyus

2015: kons.wien.jazzensembles Vol. 1

2016: muk.wien.jazzensembles Vol. 2

2017: Jawoll!, Team Geil

2017: Bona Lisa (EP)

2017: muk.wien.jazzensembles Vol. 3

2017: muk.wien.jazzorchestra conducted by Michael Abene

2017: Tiktaalik, Tiktaalik, ATS

2017: Vivaldi – Die fünfte Jahreszeit, Home Base Records

2017: Vivaldi – Die fünfte Jahreszeit (DVD), Home Base Records

2018: Lift You Up Higher, Lilime, ATS Records

2018: Leben frisst rohes Fleisch, Franz Morak, Hoanzl

2019: No Na Ned, Die Wödmasta, monkey.

2019: Rush Hour, Tiktaalik, ATS Records

2020: Heast!, Die Wödmasta, monkey.

2020: Protest, Gene Pritsker

2021: Gene Pritsker Trio, Gene Pritsker, Composers Concordance Records

2021: Stray-In-Place Song Cycle, Gene Pritsker & Erik T. Johnson (EP)

2021: Resistance, Jakob Zimmermann Trio, Edition Ö1 (ORF)

2021: Be Yourself, KØLEEN (EP)

2021: Blues Indeed, Rens Newland & Fuse Bluezz, Jive Music

2021: CLERQ, Clemens Rofner, NEscapes

2022: 44, Gert Steinbäcker, amadeo

2022: Singles, Grooves & Memories, Rens Newland, Jive Music

2023: Better Now, Soundliberation, Composers Concordance Records

2024: Soundliberation Di.J Quartet, Composers Concordance Records

2024: Among The Trees, KØLEEN (EP)

2024: Sonic Submarine, Life Aquatic (EP)

2024: Chameleon Circuit, River, SkyDeck Music

This is an excerpt of albums including Simon Springer. Besides those and others he has done many more recording sessions for singles, digital releases, demos, TV commercials and signations, video productions etc.